9 Knots and the Olympic Games In Numbers

After the 2016 Summer Olympics were officially opened in Rio de Janeiro on Friday, competitors from around the world will be spending the next two weeks in Brazil attempting to turn their years of training into a highly coveted Olympic medal.

With our CaseMaster® systems used throughout the world, it got us thinking about how “the greatest show on Earth” compares to the specialist CRM solutions we currently provide for our clients…

One of our smallest and newest systems currently runs 270 customer accounts—roughly the same number of athletes competing for Russia over the next fortnight (287).

On the other hand, one of our largest systems, used by a market leader in the welfare-to-work industry, has over 21 times as many customer accounts (242,000+) as the total number of athletes competing in Rio (11,491).

More nations than ever before will be represented at this year’s Olympic Games (208) and our systems are currently used in many of them: some of our systems have a global user-base whilst we have also provided solutions for clients not only here in Great Britain but everywhere from India and Ireland to Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands.

The flexibility of our systems is all thanks to the innovative CaseMaster® platform on which they are developed, allowing our CRM solutions to be almost as diverse as the Olympics themselves!

We are sure that, like us, you will enjoy watching the 2016 Olympic Games and we wish the best of luck to all athletes competing in Rio.