Reliable software that keeps track of your long running transactions

Whether your cases run for hours, days, months, or years; our case management solutions will keep track. A great solution for mortgage applications, sales support, insurance claim handling, social mobility dossiers, medical trials, patient dossiers, manufacturing orders, debt management, order with complex fulfilment and many other environments with long running transactions at the core.


Build content rich dossiers

Our case management revolve around cases or dossiers. All the information that is relevant to a dossier should be only a couple of clicks away. Dossiers can be configured to contain a rich variety of information. For example, a dossier for a manufacturing order could contain:

  • Details about order
  • Details about client
  • Bil of materials
  • CAD drawings
  • Invoice and payment history
  • Time booking
  • Material usage
  • Quality tickets
  • Etc

Complex workflows, simplified

Workflows may be subject to complex business rules. Often, cases follow a strict life-cycle where different users and parties get involved at different stages. Think approvals for mortgage applications, strict visit cycles for clinical trials, periodical reviews for debt resolution programs, quality control schedules, etc.
Our solutions will be configured to streamline your workflows and give you the control you need to optimize use of your resources and never miss your service levels.

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