Reliable software that keeps track of your transactions, trials, or programs.

Whether your cases run for hours, days, months, or years, our case management solutions can keep your team up to date (and periodically reminded) of where each one is in your work process. A great solution for mortgage applications, insurance claim handling, medical treatments, complex orders, clinical trials, or debt management programs.


Add to your case’s documentation in real time

With our case management software, an electronic dossier is compiled featuring each cases’ details and important information throughout its entire life cycle. This feature is particularly useful for searches and valuations during mortgage applications; client and creditor payments for debt management programs; proposals, procurement, fulfillment and transport for wholesalers; and patient visits for clinical trials.


Complex workflows, simplified

Workflows may be subject to complex business rules. Cases follow a strict life-cycle where different users and parties get involved during different stages. Think approvals for mortgage applications; 6-month reviews for debt management programs; monitoring by site monitors; and investigators for clinical trials.

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