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Job Management System

PeoplePlus is one of the larger providers of welfare-to-work services in the UK. They have placed long-term jobseekers into more than 100,000 jobs and helped creating over 6,500 new sustainable businesses. PeoplePlus offers similar services (through local partners) in Saudi Arabia and Northern Ireland.

The UK system has 1,250+ users working from 40+ offices. It integrates with a number of external systems among which are the DWP central payment system, the billing system and secure printing facilities.

Challenge Details Solution

PeoplePlus delivers a range of social mobility contracts in the UK. New contracts are added on a regular basis. The provider guidance varies per contract and it is key for PeoplePlus to be able to deliver the different contracts from a single, integrated solution.

The CaseMaster® workflow engine and built-in business rule language have proven ideal for a multi-contract, integrated solution. Adding contracts can now be added relatively quickly.


PeoplePlus offers, through a subsidiary, employability services to the government of Saudi Arabia. A bespoke solution localized for the Arabic language and culture was required.

CaseMaster® is fully multi-language (including support for right-to-left languages) and multi-locale. This allowed PeoplePlus and us to deliver a bespoke case management solution for the specific Saudi requirements.


Complex Business Rules

Some of the business rules, and especially related to payments, are complex. The high volumes of transactions mean that inaccuracies in the business rules result in a lot of extra work and thus costs.

CaseMaster® has a built-in business rule language. This has made it possible to implement the provider guidance for each contract to a tee.

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Dutch Digital Systems – Innovative Solutions for the Insurance Industry

We are proud to have been selected as the development partner for Dutch Digital Solutions. DDS is a UK based company specialized in delivering solutions to insurance professional. We jointly design and develop their Sphere7405 suite of modules designed to make the insurance supply chain more efficient.

Challenge Details Solution

The insurance supply chain can be complex with many different parties using many different systems. DDS aims to streamline the chain by offering a suite of modules that is designed for integration.

We always strive for open solutions that can be  easily integrated with other systems. The CaseMaster® platform guarantees optimal connectivity and with the development of IDEV (Insurance Data Exchange Vault) DDS and 9 Knots have delivered a highly innovative way of secure data exchange between supply chain partners.


The insurance industry changing rapidly with a strong emphasis on efficiency and cost reductions. DDS is a key player offering perfect-fit solutions that help streamline the processes.

DDS and 9 Knots work closely together in further developing and maintaining the Sphere7405 suite of modules. This co-production ensures that new modules and features can quickly be brought to market. Think dedicated 3rd party portals, integration with telematics devices and specific functionality to handle Covid related claims to name a few.

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Pacyfic Study – edc / crf System

Current guidelines on pancreatic cysts recommend lifelong follow-up, although benefits were never proven. The PACYFIC study aims to determine the yield of this surveillance strategy. It does so by following a large international patient cohort for 10 years.

The study is coordinated by the Erasmus University Medical Center of Rotterdam, the Netherlands in cooperation with the members of the European Study Group on Cystic Tumours of the Pancreas and the Dutch Pancreatic Cancer Group.

Visual history of cyst development in pancreas

Challenge Details Solution
Easy to use

Many hospitals and research centres around the world will join the Pacyfic study. The quality of data depends on how easy the use of the system is

We always strive for flexible solutions as we know software cannot be static. Using the CaseMaster® development platform helps us delivering flexible systems that helps our clients to be agile

Complex Business Rules

The Pacyfic study has to compare specific medical cases against the current protocols

CaseMaster® has a built-in business logic language. We have used this to include the medical protocol in the system


The Pacyfic study is managing sensitive medical data and security is thus essential

CaseMaster® is a secure platform subjected to regular penetration tests by 3rd party security experts

VABO Composites ERP Solution

VABO Composites has been operating from the centre of the premium Dutch maritime sector for more than 20 years, VABO is renowned both for the quality of its products and its broad in-house knowledge. Their highly experienced team of professionals guarantee you composite doors, hatches and superstructure elements with the best possible quality and finish.

Since 2017 VABO has been using a bespoke 9 Knots ERP solution to manage the manufacturing process, stock control, procurement, product configuration and quality control.

Stock control

Detailed bill of materials

Challenge Details Solution
Product Configurator

VABO offers highly configurable products such as composite doors and hatches. A superyacht or highly specialist vessel will have dozens and dozens of doors and hatches of various dimensions and finish. Providing quotes and planning for material, machines and staff can be very time consuming.

The advanced product configurator is used to quickly provide accurate quotes and plan resources such as material, machines and skilled staff. he calculator selects the base product and enters the key parameters for the selected product (such as hight, width, finish and other product-specific parameters) and the product configurator generates a detailed bill of materials.


Recent supply chain issues have demonstrated how just-in-time can make a company vulnerable. There is a challenge to combine the benefits of just-in-time without failing to delivering because of challenges outside of your control.

The procurement module of the ERP solution allows for just-in-time procurement based on minimal stock, delivery times of multiple suppliers and specific requirements (such as minimum order quantities, etc).

Quality Control

VABO products must adhere to the highest possible quality standards as their products typically have to operate in extremely harsh environments and failure is simply not an option.

The ERP solution has built-in quality control steps that can be configured to meet the requirements of the unique products. An integrated ticket system allow follow-up on quality findings. Material source tracking allow backtracking each product to the exact batch of raw materials.

Cost Calculations

The challenge with small-series, bespoke manufacturing is to control costs as each manufacturing batch will have unique challenges because of the highly configurable nature of the products.

The advanced product configurator, integrated time tracking and just-in-time procurement module will ensure a grip on costs. It is also possible to add one-off specific requirements to products to provide the necessary flexibility.


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