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People Plus –
Job Management System

PeoplePlus is one of the larger providers of welfare-to-work services in the UK. They have placed long-term jobseekers into more than 100,000 jobs and helped creating over 6,500 new sustainable businesses. PeoplePlus offers similar services (through local partners) in Saudi Arabia and Northern Ireland.

The UK system has 1,250+ users working from 40+ offices. It integrates with a number of external systems among which are the DWP central payment system, the billing system and secure printing facilities.

Challenge Details Solution

The current welfare-to-work programme was introduced after the elections in June 2011. It replaced a number of programmes introduced by the previous government. The introduction of the programme was under immense political and public pressure. The deadlines imposed to the providers were challenging

PeoplePlus (Avanta at the time) and 9 Knots worked together and developed a bespoke case management solution. PeoplePlus was one of the first providers to have a system in place that supported the new business rules


PeoplePlus delivers a range of employability services. New contracts are added on a regular basis. The legislation for existing contracts often changes over time. It is important that PeoplePluscan respond quickly to such changes

We have developed the solution using the CaseMaster® development platform. CaseMaster® solutions are flexible and can be extended when needed. We offer a software continuity service ensuring that the PeoplePlussolution remains to be one of the most advanced in the market


PeoplePlus offers, through a subsidiary, employability services to the government of Saudi Arabia. A bespoke solution localized for the Arabic language and culture was required

CaseMaster® is fully multi-language and it’s flexibility allowed PeoplePlus and us to create a bespoke case management solution for the specific Saudi requirements

Money Advice Group –
Backoffice System

The Money Advice Group is one of the UK’s leading financial solutions companies.

They offer a range of services. Varying from Debt Management, IVAs, Trust Deeds to Loans. They are top-of-class in most of their markets.

The Money Advice Group has 350+ employees. They are helping 35,000 customers with their finances. They manage well over 1 billion of consumer debt on behalf of their customers.

Challenge Details Solution

The Money Advice Group operates in a highly competitive marketspace. Key to success is the ability to respond quickly to new opportunities and changes

We always strive for flexible solutions as we know software cannot be static. Using the CaseMaster® development platform helps us delivering flexible systems that helps our clients to be agile


The Money Advice Group is known to always be at the forefront of market developments. Rapid response is important in their competitive marketspace

The Money Advice Group and 9 Knots work closely together in maintaining and further developing the systems. This co-production ensures that the software can quickly be adapted to meet new requirements


Efficiency is key to deal with the high volume of transactions as well as dealing with the rapid growth

The bespoke system is designed at every level to support the Money Advice Group processes and ensure that they continue to be best in class when it comes to case load per advisor

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Pacyfic Study –
edc / crf System

Current guidelines on pancreatic cysts recommend lifelong follow-up, although benefits were never proven. The PACYFIC study aims to determine the yield of this surveillance strategy. It does so by following a large international patient cohort for 10 years.

The study is coordinated by the Erasmus University Medical Center of Rotterdam, the Netherlands in cooperation with the members of the European Study Group on Cystic Tumours of the Pancreas and the Dutch Pancreatic Cancer Group.

Challenge Details Solution
Easy to use

Many hospitals and research centres around the world will join the Pacyfic study. The quality of data depends on how easy the use of the system is

We always strive for flexible solutions as we know software cannot be static. Using the CaseMaster® development platform helps us delivering flexible systems that helps our clients to be agile

Complex Business Rules

The Pacyfic study has to compare specific medical cases against the current protocols

CaseMaster® has a built-in business logic language. We have used this to include the medical protocol in the system


The Pacyfic study is managing sensitive medical data and security is thus essential

CaseMaster® is a secure platform subjected to regular penetration tests by 3rd party security experts


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