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Insurance and Claims

Claims management workflow can be highly complex. Such intricate processes can only be supported by a specialist system designed specifically for this niche industry.

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Welfare To Work / Social Mobility

Our unique CRM solution is 100% tailored to meet the strict provider guidelines and help thousands of job seekers back into sustainable employment.

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Clinical Trials

Our eCRF solution is used for many Phase IV Clinical Trials. Our fixed price model is a true advantage for both sponsored and non-sponsored trials.

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Sales Support

Our Reseller Profiling solution will help you to see who your star-players are, who needs more support, and which sales activities are the most effective. Focus your sales force resources with pin-point accuracy.



Our ERP solutions benefit from the flexibility offered by the Casemaster® platform. Our ERP software is ideal for organisations with highly specific requirements that cannot easily be met by off-the-shelf ERP software.

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Service Management

Our multi-channel service management module will help your service desk team with extensive SLA monitoring, built-in knowledge base, time tracking and much, much more

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Debt Resolution

We’ve been providing case management solutions to the UK Debt Resolution industry since 2005. Our debt resolution systems power the biggest players in the industry.

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Bespoke Solutions

Do you operate in a very niche industry? If there just isn’t a software that solves your problems, we can help. We specialise in developing affordable one-off solutions, combining your industry expertise with our case management knowledge.


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