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Since our launch in 2003, we have served many international clients in a wide range of industries & markets. We always work with the  innovative CaseMaster® framework and have many decades of combined experience that we can directly put to work for you.


Fixed-price & Flexible-scope

Our pricing is clear, transparent and thus free of surprises. We agree on a fixed-price and stick to that. Even in the knowledge that changes in project scope are inevitable and need to be accommodated. It is the flexibility of the CaseMaster® framework and our experience in scoping that enable us to honour our fixed-price promise.

This unique fixed-price / scope-tolerant approach means your investment decision is free of risk.

The clear and transparent pricing also applies to ongoing support making the total-cost-of-ownership  calculations easy.


Stay ahead of trends with our agile service

Change is everywhere. New opportunities, responding to changes in markets, legislation and sudden moves by the competition. Change is a fact of business life. Software that cannot be changed when needed, will turn into legacy very quickly. Legacy software will no longer give you an advantage, it will slow you down.
Our software maintenance service is designed to ensure that your CaseMaster® solution is always fit for purpose, making for a safe, long term investment.


Custom solutions without the bespoke hassle

You want a tailor-made solution but you don’t want the risks and price tags traditionally associated with bespoke development. The CaseMaster® case management framework takes a unique and customisable approach, allowing us to configure unique solutions using proven and tested building blocks.

Case Management software screenshot

Extensive experience across a variety of sectors

Our case management experience combined with your sector  expertise will result in an innovative solution that fits like a glove. Over the years, we have gained knowledge and experience in a wide range of industries and markets.

A pragmatic and flexible platform for rapid application delivery

We are proud to be one of the leading Value Added Resellers of the CaseMaster® Platform. CaseMaster® is an innovative platform for the rapid delivery of flexible case management solutions. Rapid means cost effective solutions for you with an early return on investment. Flexible means a perfect fit, with quick, agile adaptation when circumstances require.

9 Knots is by far the most capable and reliable software that we have found on the market. The migration over to the CaseMaster® software from the software we were using was relatively trouble free and since then we have not looked back.

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