Focus on Clients, Not on Administration

We provide case management solutions to some of the biggest providers of social mobility services in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Saudi Arabia.

We offer both multi- and single-contract solutions, all designed to comply fully with the provider guidance.

Allow your consultants to fully focus on your clients  without having to worry about administration, compliance and financials.

Feature Benefits
  • Implement the provider guidance to a tee and make sure not to miss any key events
  • Fully compliant with data protection and GDPR regulations, including ‘right to be forgotten’
  • Don’t allow missed deadlines to jeopardize your payments
  • Sensitive information (relevant for for certain contracts) is stored anonymously in a highly secure ‘data vault’
  • Load referrals electronically so there is not need for re-entry of data and you can start servicing the clients without no delay
  • Integrate with your telephony system and call centre (note: options depend on your exact telephony set-up)
  • Integrate with your finance system
  • Advanced case load management to ensure most effective allocation of clients to your consultants
  • Self-service portals for clients, referrers and employers
Advanced services & communications
  • Communicate with your clients by means of letters, emails, texts and portals
  • Automatic text reminders for meetings or trainings will improve attendance rates
  • Advanced support for online sessions