Perfect-Fit Service Management Solutions

Our multi-channel service management module will help your service team to meet the service level agreements and allow them to focus on providing service and not have to worry about admin.

Feature Benefits
  • Communicate with clients using letters, emails, text messages, social media and portals
  • Configure workflow so that the most appropriate channel is always used
  • Integrate with web-sites, apps and other systems to allow the creation of service requests
  • Integrate with your telephony system and call centre (note: options depend on your exact telephony set-up)
  • Highly tailored workflows which can be based on complex business rules
  • Workflows can include internal- and external staff and even automated process steps
  • SLA monitoring to ensure that milestones are met
  • Keep clients automatically informed of updates on service requests
  • Use of client portals for various levels of self-service