Fixed-price / scope-tolerant – Why is this important?

‘Scope creep’ is an IT term to describe changes in requirements after the development of software has started.

Scope creep is very common and happens in almost every project. It is a result of new insights, latest market developments and the fact that software is rather abstract until the development is completed. Scope creep frustrates client and IT supplier alike.

Most fixed-price projects are also fixed-scope projects: the clients ends up with the software which was agreed at the time; not the software that is needed now!

In time-materials projects each change in scope will result in higher costs. Soon the client will stop raising changes (and thus not get the software that is needed now) or the increase in costs will blow the business case out of the water.

​At 9 Knots we take a unique approach to software. We call it ‘fixed-price / scope-tolerant’. Instead of fighting scope creep tooth and nail, we have developed a methodology to absorb changes in scope without breaking our fixed-price promise. Fixed-price / scope-tolerant. Now you know why this is so important.