CaseMaster:IVA is our offering for the management of IVA and Trust Deed cases. Compliant with the IVA protocols and designed to manage thousands of cases. CaseMaster:IVA is confirming 9 Knots’ leadership of case management solutions for the industry.

  • Variation management
  • Obligation management
  • Breech management
  • Comprehensive diary tasks
  • Pari passu based creditor distribution
  • Card payments, direct debit, bank statement upload
  • Cheques (single and consolidated), BACS (single and consolidated)
  • Drafting
  • MOC
  • Annual report generation
  • Contribution forecasting
  • Asset management
  • Bankruptcy comparison
  • Review management
  • Modification library and management
  • Voting house + creditor library
  • Arrears monitoring
  • etc


CaseMaster:Debt is our flagship product for debt management. We are one of the key providers of case management solutions.

  • Advanced leads management
  • FCA compliant I&E
  • Advanced pro-rata calculations including support for last-penny distribution and locked debts
  • Card payments, direct debit, bank statement upload
  • Cheques (single and consolidated), BACS (single and consolidated)
  • Case review workflow
  • Arrears management
  • DPA arrangements
  • Central creditor database
  • Etc
Feature Benefits

Be compliant with the latest FCA regulations and IVA protcols


Our clients have some of the highest cases-per-advisor ratios

Decision tree

Make sure your advisors give best advice using our advance product decision tree

Advanced payment handling

Support cards, direct debit, standing orders, cheques, consolidated cheques, BACS and consolidated BACS

Hosted and enterprise

We offer a hosted solution (for up to 10 concurrent users) and an Enterprise solution


Have the solution customized to meet your exact requirements


Integrate with your online banking and accounts systems

Our Work

Solving challenges with unique solutions

9 Knots have allowed us to outsource our IT development with the peace of mind knowing that they can develop and support us in our ever demanding and growing needs. 9 Knots give us the confidence that they will exceed expectations and deliver on time. After using other solution databases, I consider the 9 Knots system to be by far the best.

S Parkin



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