Feature Benefits
  • Various seamlessly integrated modules
    • Contract management
    • Bordereau reporting
    • Claims managent
    • Quoting and binding
    • Accounting
  • Integrate with various 3rd party systems
  • Integrate with telematics solutions
  • Integrate with FNOL / ENOL apps
  • Integrate with microservices
    • DVLA
    • Land registry
    • Weather reports
    • Road conditions
    • Sanction checking
    • Fraud flagging
    • Etcetera
  • Implement complex workflows
  • Extensive SLA monitoring
  • Business rules based on clients, coverholders, brokers, fleets, depots, etcetera
Data quality
  • Exchange data using the innovatie Insurance Data Exchange Vault (IDEV)
  • Ensure a single owner of data and share with relevant partners in the supply chain
  • Data validation rules to ensure quality of data at time of data entry and throughout life cycle of data
Advanced reporting options
  • Publish specific data using MI platform
  • Combine premium, risk and claim data in reports
  • Auto generate and deliver reports
  • Personalize reports for specific clients, coverholders, brokers, fleetowners, etcetera

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