The Personal Data Vault – A unique e-CRF concept

We have added a powerful new feature to our portfolio of products for the health-care market. Together with Medical Database Systems, we have developed the Personal Data Vault (PDV). This is a unique product that can be added to any of our e-CRF solutions.

An e-CRF contains highly sensitive medical information. It would compromise data protection to store personal data in the same database. A security breach could give unauthorized people access to personal and medical data.

Yet not being able to handle personal data makes an e-CRF harder to use for site users and introduces the real risk of associating medical data with the wrong patient.

The personal data vault is a highly secure separate database designed to store personal data (such as name, date of birth, gender and patient id). It is not used to store medical data.

Our e-CRF solutions can be linked to the PDV using a highly secure, encrypted interface. Additional security can be added using two-step authentication.

The PDV will enable an e-CRF to manage personal data. The personal- and medical data are however not stored in the same database. The personal- and medical data is linked by an an encrypted key. A security breach in either system will never result in a data protection disaster.

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